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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hey Groom, listen to me!

Ahaaaaa sudah-sudahlah mengemas hazlynda. take a break, let's blog walking and running jom! Okeh, enuf of B2B's guide on her dream wedding. Let's give a chance to the groom! Sebelom mereka transform jadi groomzilla, let's see, what they can do for us *wink*


pic source from abg gugels :)

When it comes to weddings, the focus will forever be on THE BRIDE. Maybe semua orang nak tengok bride yang cantek on her big day that she's been looking forward since she was a lil kiddo and the time when she'ss be the center of attention as she embarks on a new life. Tapi bagaimana pula dengan si dia yang tercinta? - eceh. sy mmg cinta die *mwahs* It's his day too, and he should plan as carefully as us - the B2B. Ideally it will be once in a lifetime day for both and personally, i think we should share the planning and the enjoyment of our wee-day day equally!

For the future groom, here are few things that YOU need to prepare for your wedding to make it a truly special day to celebrate ur love. One, two, three... GO!

(1) Finalize ur budget

Plan ur wedding for ur side as u've planned. Selalunye kite pasti akan berbincang bersama tapi personally, for his side, u plan as u wish as long as tak serabut. Most important thing, give her duet hantaran so that she can proceed to the next level *hehe* Nak lak dapat tunang seperti sy yang mate duitan, padan muke!

(2) Select ur theme and location

Theme ni selalunye kite yang decide kan utk mereke sekali kan, utk pertama dan terakhir kali, kasi chance dorang pilih then kite boley guide saje. After all, wedding ni utk kepuasan kedua-dua belah pihak, ada betul? Lokasi biasenye di rumah aje kan, unless if they wanna share the same location, why not? byk skit leh save *hehe* It's the best to share the location if u're staying nearby ek?

(3) Order the wedding bands

Ahaaaa usually they will ask us to decide for them. Don't leave this until the last minute. Go with your bride to pick them out and fitted so that you have them safe in hand in time for the wedding. Always remember to leave some time you receive them and the wee-day in case u need a "last-minute" adjustment *hehe* Maybe at that time, kite dah slim ke? jari pon slim? wihUuuUUuu!

(4) Marriage license

Dah beri duet hantaran belom sah jadi hubby n wifey okeh? haish! Depending on where u live this can be a lengthy proccess taht will include the blood tests-lah and possibly other medical tests? Start doing research dude! begin researching early to determine exactly what is required in ur state and how long does it take to process. You can to it - dun rely on ur fiancee, they have lots to think! - trust me, i know *wink*

(5) Plan ur hornymoon
Okeh, the bride dah setel bab before wee-day, why not the groom make us happy by researching hornymoon *eh korang, dengar hornymonn, tersenyum-senyum kambing nape?* destinations and presenting with some detailed itineraries of possible trips. Dude, we know we've picked a winner if you do your hornymoon homework and prepared with good travel ideas! What u're waiting for dude? Go on and search! *sigh*

So guys, please remember, ur wee-day isn't just for her - it's YOUR SPECIAL DAY TOO! Make it live and u'll always cherish by planning ahead. You go guys!!! All the best *hehe* padan muke korang.

Signing off!

6 komentar:

at: 4 May 2010 at 14:57 said...

Agree part kaler purple tu. Keje si dia yang tu je. lain diserah pada ku and mak dia.

sophisticated bridezilla says:
at: 4 May 2010 at 15:08 said...

haa mmg pon. kite dah tungkus lumur bab sebelum, bab after tu, dorang la pulak HAHA padan muke!

harzharun says:
at: 4 May 2010 at 15:53 said...

dear..bagus tol...ada tips tuk groom plak kali ni...
btw, mesti la senyum kambing bila bc part hanimun...plg best tu..

sophisticated bridezilla says:
at: 4 May 2010 at 15:57 said...

hah bab tu sume akan setuju. kasi chance la kite bride ni nikmati cuti hornymoon yang best HEHE padan muke groom *wek*

farahfatihah says:
at: 4 May 2010 at 21:17 said...

hi dear..
babe, rasanya bab yg u highlight tu je kot yg xperlu disuruh...yg lain kena hentak kaki,muncung sedepa baru nak buat huhuhuhu

sophisticated bridezilla says:
at: 4 May 2010 at 21:34 said...

FF :
sangat setuju babe. takyah disuruh buat research, mmg dah de dalam pale dorang. haish~

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