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Friday, 23 July 2010

they're GONE!

Malam ni sy sendiri taktau nape sy tak boleh tido. Esok ade class but yet, mata ni tak mengantok. I browse by my albums, ya Allah rindu betul sy pada kekawan geng gombakians, geng uitmians mase dip and deg. masters? tak rindu sbb jumpe dorang di kelas.

Tetibe hati ini jadi sayu, mane pergi semua kawan² sy? Sejak sy bertunang, sejak sy sebok dengan preps and study, semuanya macam dah tak pedulikan sy lagi. Adakah ini perasaan sy atau memang mereka hindari dari sy? Yes! I only have my blogger friends who understand a b2b's feeling, how busy we are and how we appreciate time *priceless*

Dulu di facebook meriah sbb di situ semua orang dapat keep in touch and jumpe balek semua kawan² yang dah lame terpisah berkilo²batu. I started facebooking in year 2006, huh, mmg sangat kurun lame, it was fun! during the old days, but now, facebook macam dah suram and this is the reason why i started to blog on weddings and my preps towards 1.1.11. No more walls, no more private messages, no more pokes, no more comments etc.

Is it me who causes all this? I started to ignore them? I was the one to blame on? I was the one create the gap between us? I'm the one who's missing in action?

I have few reasons why I have no time to hang up with friends (for no reason);

01// i have to take care my beloved nenda

02// i'm busy preparing my stuff, my diy thinggy

03// i'm running up and down to get things done

04// i starts my semester and tons of assignments to do

05// moving in, which drives me crazy! 2 months preparing things for new home

06// i'm handling both sides

07// i have marking and contributing myself in research centre

08// finding and convincing my wali, yes, my abah!

I am not making up grandma's stories and bull-shitting around. time is VERY precious to me. Handling nenda is not a easy task. I have physio peeps to help, I have nurse to come and check, i have to handle every single thing to sure that my nenda is well taken care of. Do you know how hard is that? How hard for me to divide myself into pieces?

Deep in my heart, I miss all my friends. I miss the laugh and tears we had together. Serahkan pada Allah. Let Him decide what's the best for me. I know He is with me, bonda and the fiance will forever be with me. As i stated in my status ; I need no friends to comfort me, I need time to decide and clear things out.

Take care friends! Don't waste your time on such a jerk and loser like me *sigh*

8 komentar:

ZARA says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 02:13 said...

Hey don't lah say like that. Probably when they sense that you needed some time to settle your personal things they move on to make new friends or something...

but that doesn't mean that they have completely forgotten u unless they say otherwise which i think is ridiculous.

anyway, i think what you should do is remind them. if u have them on FB, just post pictures of u and him/her. saying that u miss him/her.

or maybe just apologize for being away for too long... and that u r back now... and u need them or something...

or if all said is done but still no respond then maybe you should consider wiping everything out and stop worrying too much yeah darling?

worry=frown=wrinkle= hideous

After all... u still have us :D

sara says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 07:25 said...

aww hugs.
zara is right.and besides, if they are true friends, they would give you some time to settle ur things and will comeback whenever you want them to.


mysarah says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 10:05 said...

eh jangan begitu. bila tiba masa dorang, dorang sendiri akan rasa macam mana bz nya kita nak buat all those preparations and other things yang datang sekaligus. one day the'll understand. be strong dear! u'll always have us ;)

hanya b2b jer yg paham perasaan b2b yang lain

ceklala says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 10:16 said...

ko rindu aku x?aku rindu giler2 kt ko tau x!muaahhhh =)

aku tau ko bz wit all things but aku fhm ur situations..dnt worry la babe..sume kwn2 kte ade life masing2..yg dah kawennye yg da bertunang mcm ko n yg still single cam aku ni ha ececeh hehe but sume still ingat cume masa yg membataskan pergaulan kte ;)

just take care urself n do things yg ptt ko dulukan ok nnti dis coming puasa aku buat reunion okeh :) jgn xdtg lak

kay kamal says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 12:43 said...

y not post this entry to ur wall..and reading this they should understand..

puan rocker says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 16:00 said...

dear lynda,

chill² k. i think it's quite normal to feel lonely at this particular moment (time² nak dkt kahwin ni) especially to those b2bs yg plan their own wedding. i had my down moment before. rs mcm takde kawan selain drpd en. rocker. masa dia sakit i only had my mom utk jd my best friend, dgr every single thing i merepek. but trust me babe, i think maybe your friends cuma taknak kacau u since diaorang tahu ur running errands ups and downs. sabar and chill k. i assure u byk lg org yg care about u dear. :)

take care..

farahfatihah says:
at: 23 July 2010 at 16:31 said...

babe, jgn begitu.....g jejak balik k....

Sarah Abd Rahim says:
at: 29 July 2010 at 12:19 said...

Dok ku sayang.. Jangan cakap macam ni. So sad to hear you say things like these..

Friends grow up dok and sometimes it means growing apart too. But all that is the natural evolution of life. Throughout the years, I've lost a lot of friends. Especially bila dah kahwin. Tak tau la kan, maybe because people feel the moment we are married kita dah berubah. Dah dewasa sangat la. Padahal tak pun. We're still the same fun-loving people; yang berubah tu tanggungjawab kita terhadap suami je. But then again; walaupun kita hilang some kengkawan yang single mingle tu, we make new friends too. Friends who are also married and friends who are most likely going through the same phase that we're going through. So jangan sedih² dok. Kau ada ramai lagi kengkawan and I'm sure all of them love you much². Just like me.. ;)


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