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Monday, 30 August 2010

From "I Love You" to "I Want A Divorce" ?

Salam peeps!

It's been ages I didn't update on my blog. Kinda busy and weekend was awesome! Super duper awesome :D Just wanna share a note from my forever favorite photographer, Daniel Zain. He tagged me in facebook and seek for his permission (which has been approved) to share this with all of you. YES YOU!

Please read okeh?

by Daniel Zain on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 6:14am


How has everyone's Ramadhan been? Alhamdulillah with the arrival of Isa into our lives, Mariam & I couldn't be more thankful to Allah swt for the blessings he has given us.

An important step in the life of any adult Muslim is the day he/she gets married. Subhanallah I know some of you are already in the process of looking for a spouse, and some of you may already be a few steps closer to tying the knot than I may be aware of ;)

As a wedding photographer, my job is to document that special moment when two people become husband & wife. Alas, in almost 4 years of doing this full time, several of my clients are no longer husband & wife. Several of my university friends have also gone down the road of divorce. Sometimes the reasons for divorce are complicated while some have parted ways over seemingly trivial issues. I've had the opportunity to speak to some of them during their trying moments & after their divorce. Could some of these divorces have been avoided if the couples had done something simple prior to getting married?

That simple thing is: Ask important questions before you get married

Here are some questions I believe one should ask his/her potential spouse. If you are already seeing someone and intend to marry that person, then please do not waste the opportunity to ask. It goes without saying that proper islamic ettiquette should be observed when asking your potential spouse about the issues below.

The following are in no particular order of importance, they are just listed in the order as they pop into my mind while typing this. All the points listed here were among the causes of divorce for my clients & friends.

{Edit on 28/8/10: Not all points will be relevant to you, hence know yourself & what issues may potentially crop up based on your personality & lifestyle expectations} :

1. Living Arrangements

  • Be absolutely clear about where both of you will live once you are married. If its at one of the inlaw's, then discuss how long you'll stay there before you move to your own rented/purchased home. If your spouse is unhappy after a certain period of your living arrangements, do not treat this lightly. Make an effort to have a pleasing & peaceful home experience, especially if you will be living with parents & extended family.

2. Health

  • If you have any health issues, please let your potential spouse know about it. Do not give them a nasty surprise once you are married. For example, a couple i know are no longer together because the husband did not tell her that he has Erectile Dysfunction. She only found out once they were married. There are many conditions that can cause stress to build up such recurring migraines, asthma, diabetes, heart problems etc. Do not hide the existence of your medical condition(s).

3. Sex

  • Don't laugh. Sex & finances are among the main reasons for divorce (add Facebook in the list these days).
  • Brothers, please read up & learn about the right way to approach your wife. DO NOT rush her if she isn't ready to be intimate. A friend of mine took 9 months before she was ready to consumate the marriage. Alhamdulillah they now have 2 kids. Yes, that's an extreme example, but it happened. It could happen to you. Do not start pressuring her with fiqh, hadeeth & quran about the need to consumate the marriage as quickly as possible. Its very likely she knows all those points already. The issue is a psychological & emotional one, not a lack of knowledge for the most part. Maybe a friend told her intercourse is very painful, maybe she doesn't feel confident about her body, maybe she is just very shy. Be gentle, be romantic by going on short holidays together & just be patient. Oh yes, don't forget the dua's :)
  • Sisters, especially if you are the very shy type, start reading up about intimacy. Don't shy away from straightforward descriptions of body parts & functions. Get comfortable & confident with your body. I don't mean exercise like crazy to get a specific body type, but know that if the guy loves you & wants to marry you, he's fine with the way you look. Sex is something you should look forward to without fear. Please know that you are entitled to & have a right to get your share of pleasure.
  • If its confirmed that you are getting married, then ask your fiance/soon to be spouse if its okay with him if it takes a while for you to be comfortable to have sex. If he gets upset, that's a red flag there! A good brother would never get upset, but he'll assure you that he'll be gentle & wont pressure you. After all, he wants the experience to be pleasurable for both of you & not just for him. If you are shy to ask, then get a trusted third party to ask. I'm not kidding.
  • Oh and one more thing brothers, don't get all paranoid & start imagining all sorts of "has she done it before?" scenarios if your wife ends up being very good in bed. Instead, be thankful.

4. Sex leads to.....Kids.

  • Ask each other how soon after marriage do you plan to have kids? Don't assume your spouse has the same ideals as you do. You may wish to wait at least 1 year, whereas he thinks a baby 9 months after the nikah is obligatory. 4 kids is your perfect number, yet she wants 10, or none at all!
  • What are each of your thoughts on adoption? What if one or both of you end up being impotent?
  • Do not wait till you're married to ask about children.
  • Pregnancy is a big deal for the lady. Some women are terrified of getting pregnant. Again, be patient and have her speak to other ladies who are pregnant/have kid to reassure her that she'll be fine. Oh wait, some men are even more terrified of having kids. Same process, get him to talk to fathers of his age.

5. Finance

  • Sisters, please inquire & know how much your potential spouse earns for a living. If his salary is lower than your expections for your lifestyle, ask yourself if you are willing to compromise. If you are used to LV, Gucci & Coach bags yet he can only afford Vincci, will that be a source of frustration for you? If the answer is yes, find out what are his plans to increase his income. On the flipside, if you are not the shopping type of girl, and handbags, shoes etc mean little to you, please don't settle for too little. At the very least know your rights on what your husband needs to spend on you.
  • A girl i know is fine with her husband giving her only rm50 - rm150 a month for her toiletries, personal care & what not. She says she isn't materialistic, which alhamdulillah is good, but the result is that her husband doesn't spend a ringgit more on her. No dinner dates, no short weekend holidays. Nada. He has become complacent and forgotten his duty to support her living since she does not work.

6. Work

  • Can I continue to work after we get married? Can I start working after we get married? Can I stop working? Can I switch to a lower paying job that I love? "I'll be posted in Timbuktu 3 months after our nikah, and oh yes, I'll be there for 2 years & you gotta move there with me, no ifs or buts okay."
  • Clarify all the above before you get married.

7. Food

  • You hate cooking yet the very day of your nikah your dear hubby asks you "What are you cooking for dinner sayang?". Big problem! Yes, believe or not, a couple got divorced because of this very issue.
  • Sister, especially if you work, ask him if he expects you to cook all the time. If he does, ask him if he can compromise.
  • Brother, if you know she hates to cook, ask her if she's willing to learn at classes (which you pay for of course).
  • She loves western food but you must have rice for every meal. Plus you hate pasta which she's obsessed with!!!

8. Housework

  • Picture this: A girl's hero is her dad who happens to help out alot around the house. Daddy helps with the dishes & laundry. He doesn't complain. She then marries a brother who will have nothing to with housework. In fact, he considers it a girls job not befiting a man! Guess how happy the marriage is going to be? If only she had asked him if he's okay with helping out with the dishes after she cooked that wonderful dinner.
  • Brothers, please help out around the house. Rasulullah s.a.w did, hence no excuses.

I hope this has been beneficial for you. The points i raised are far from comprehensive, there are many other seemingly trivial reasons people get divorced over. For more detailed knowledge on living as husband & wife from the Quran & Sunnah, please refer to the excellent 'Like A Garment' series by Sh. Yasir Qadhi. If anyone managed to save the entire email series of Like A Garment, please share it. Sh. Zaid Shakir & Sh. Suhaib Webb also have excellent audio lectures on the subject. Also ask good teachers on the detailed roles & responsibilities in a marriage. My points are just real world examples from real cases of couples who had to let go of their marriage.

{Edit on 28/8/10: There will many issues that crop in a marriage that one can't foresee. It's totally normal & what's required is sincere love, plenty of patience and a willingness to compromise where possible to achieve a win-win situation. We musn't view divorcees in a negative light as well because sometimes divorce is the only solution. For some, it's a good solution that helps both parties become better people.}

I feel we should have a YMP sharing session where these issues are discussed. Brothers & sisters, we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario as well. Sometimes in the desire to get married, we only see & imagine the beautiful & sweet life ahead, and as a result we get thrown overboard when a storm comes.

May Allah taala guide all of you who are seeking your life partner. May He also guide us who are already married to remain loving & faithful to each other. May He give us righteous children who will be His servants and help make the world around them a better place.


Daniel Zain Ibrahim

17 komentar:

Xora says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 07:39 said...

Lynda, saya rasa semuanya berbalik kepada komunikasi, kan? kita semua bukan mind reader, jadi komunikasi adalah cara terbaik untuk faham apa pasangan kita nak dan apa yang dia tak nak. Dan selepas komunikasi, laksanakan apa yang dah dipersetujui. Cakap tak bikin adalah sangat tak sexy

farhanna says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 07:50 said...

sgt bagus.. actually kena bincang semua sudut b4 kawen..

NahWaL says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 08:02 said...

thoughtfulnya daniel post macam tu kat fb. SUKA tau. persepsi lelaki. nak soh daus baca la HAHA

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 09:04 said...

exactly babe. i pon agree ngan u 101%. it's all about give and take, communication. insyaAllah we'll forever say I LOVE YOU.

Farhanna :
yes, we have to be open, tul tak?

sangat kan? haa p suh daus bace. aku pon dah suh razmie bace HAHA :D

Moose says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 09:24 said...

aku baca mane ntah die ckp marriage is a lot of work, which i totally agree. it's a life time commitment bukan setakat berangan nak pakai baju cantik2, duduk atas pelamin, mekap lawa2 je. that's wedding not marriage.

tapi cam xora cakap, i believe communication is the key to successful marriage and oh, compromise.

point no. 4 tu and 6 tu, hmm aku kena pikir banyak2 kali. HAHA

ZARA says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 09:36 said...

well, i have fallen in love with this guy ;) oopppsie en Ikmal.

My mother boleh je divorce my dad kalau dia tak nak bermadu. tapi dia pikir kitorang. So, dia harung everything and the marriage still standing ;) i think i dah besar ni baru nampak my dad macam loving giler ngan my mom.

So, i think patience is the key. i am the opposite of my mom, but ikmal is. So, Alhamdullilah. at least one of us is.

p/s: kalau bahasa aku macam tak tersusun, pls excuse me ok? tak tido lagi!

Miss Inaza says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 10:13 said...

Hi Lynda, I find this post very informative as some future brides are not aware of what to expect after the marriage fairytale ended. Can I copy up this article with credits to the writer Daniel and also you? =) This will be something good to share to others too.

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 10:34 said...

aku pon agree (=
no 4 and 6 - no offense :D

betul tu babe :D

yes babe. crdt to Daniel Zain, sbb die yg tulis :D let's share okeh (=

nizabeba says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 10:39 said...

lynda, i love this entry..sgt useful for btol kan, kene give & take and communication sgt thing, awal2 mcm kne terima seadanya kelebihan & keburukan pasangan..

si kecil says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 10:50 said...

lynda: this is very worth of sharing. thanks! tiba2 dpt rasakan perkahwinan bukan sesuatu yg mudah.

Reen Tart Nenas says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 11:17 said...

lynda: worth of sharing. the important thing is communication. so before kawen nie, kena la slalu communicate hal2 yg berkaitan dgn rumahtangga nie...nak plak skang ramai orh sakit mental, adoiii ngeri u...

ellfazira© says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 12:02 said...

thx 4 sharing babe. it's worth reading. well said by daniel z. best2. nak share kt fb jugak keh. i'll gv credits to him.=)

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 15:05 said...

i love his thought on marriage life. sangat berguna utk b2b and wifey :D

most welcome babe. sharing is caring right (=

yes babe. worth sharing. at least, we know that communication sgt penting :D jgn pendam~

most welcome babe. ahaa credit to him (=

at: 30 August 2010 at 18:51 said...

thanx for sharing - if I share kat blog I rasa boleh ker... cos nak comment kat sini panjang sgt

dya think daniel would mind?

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ says:
at: 30 August 2010 at 19:58 said...

i guess he wouldn't mine, just credit this to him. coz it's a worth thing to share around :D Will inform him later that we share and spread this around *wink* no worries.

cik senah says:
at: 2 September 2010 at 09:44 said...

baguihnya ada wakil kaum adam seperti en. daniel zain niee.. sejuk hati bila baca hasil nukilan beliau..

terima kasih buat beliau dan jugak lynda di atas perkongsian ini.. dan.. memang betoi.. perkahwinan bkn semata nak pakai baju cantik2..sapa mekap muka kita.. kasut apa yg kita pakai.. tp, sebenaqnya lebih daripada semua tuee..

p/s; harap2nya kita semua kekal bersama pasangan pilihan kita dan sering/selalu mengatakan kepada mereka " aku cinta kamu" dan bukannya.. " aku nak mintak cerai darimu..!!"..

♥ hazlynda kushairi ♥ says:
at: 5 September 2010 at 21:30 said...

sesame babe :D sy pon doa yg terbaek dan kebahagiaan kite semua dunia dan akhirat. amin.

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